How to Geocache – Weekend Treasure Hunting

Want a great way to spend time with your family outside, see places you’ve never paid attention to before, and enjoy the thrill of a scavenger hunt? Geocaching might be just the thing for you! In this video, we spent the day finding caches in our downtown area and park system.

Geocaching is the worlds largest treasure hunt, where members hide “caches” and log their GPS coordinates. Other geocachers then find the caches, sign the logs and track their progress.

And here’s the great thing — it’s FREE! Sure, there are apps that make the overall experience better etc, but the total cost for even those is around $30/year.

There’s a whole lot more to know about geocaching that you can read all about here. But I’ll summarize the basics.

How to Geocache

Sign up to log your caches at

You’ll use this account to log your caches and your unsuccessful finds.

Download the Geocaching App

You can get it for the iPhone, or the Android.

Look up geocaches in your area

A couple key points to keep in mind when you’re doing this:

  1. Last found date: Note if a geocache hasn’t been found in 6 months or more, it might be missing, or may have been moved accidentally by a non-geocacher (often referred to as “Muggles”). Check the log for any other info that might be helpful in deciding if this is a good cache.
  2. Size: there is a size indicator in the geocache app (and website), you’ll want to avoid trying to find tiny ones (called Micros) for your first cache. If several people have logged successful finds recently, you’re probably good to go.
  3. Location: If the location of the cache is in a highly trafficked place, try to be inconspicuous when you look for it. In order for a cache to have a long life, it needs to be undisturbed by others who don’t understand the game. Because of this, you might want to enjoy an easy find in a location that’s not highly trafficked.

Find your first cache!

Sign the log and put it back exactly as you found it. Then log it as “found” on your app. While you’re at it, get a few more in the same area. It’s so satisfying to see the found caches on your map.

Also, look us up! We’re Hinson5.

I hope this game provides a great experience with your family and allows you to get outside and enjoy the outdoors. Send stories and photos to!

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