DIY Ninja Turtle Themed Birthday Party – Costumes, Games, and Snacks!

Liam specifically asked to have a Ninja Turtle birthday party. There are tons of great ideas and blog posts out there, so we just had to decide what we were doing, then whittle it down from there.

Here’s what we eventually decided on for the party:

Ninja Turtle Shells and Ninja Weapons for Dress-up

Boys love dressing up, so when they came in, everyone got a ninja turtle shell (which was a roasting pan for at Wal-Mart spray painted green and brown), a weapon, and a ninja turtle mask.

I highly recommend this method for the roasting pans…they got bent-up and dented by the end of the party, but the boys LOVED them and enjoyed playing together.

Ninja Turtle Games

Pin the Mask on the Turtle

I found the printable from, then brought it into photoshop to make a giant poster (2ft x 3ft). I placed the image at 100% and got the poster printed at Staples (24″ x 36″ color engineering print). The color on this was fantastic, and I think it would hold up to even printing photos that way. If you’re interested, I’ll attach the printable here, and at the bottom of this post.

Throwing Star Game

We folded some throwing stars (using the tutorial found at After we folding 8 throwing stars (Thanks Hannah!), we let two kids play at a time, throwing the stars at 3 buckets lined up the stairs, the top one (a small waste basket)

Ninja Turtle Cookies

We 3D printed a cookie cutter I found on thingiverse. Note: I scaled the cookie cutter to 70% of its original size, because the first cookies we cooked were about the size of my head. Once we got the size dialed in, it was awesome since

Sensei Says

We didn’t end up playing this game because the kids were already having so much fun, but if you are throwing a ninja turtle party and need some activities to keep the kids busy, this is a great game. Basically it’s just like Simon Says, except you might use, Sensei Says “Do a Ninja Kick”, or “Karate Chop!” etc.

If you want to swipe this party plan, here’s the details:

We had our party from 2-5, here was our run-down of the party.

2:00: Guests arrive

2-2:30: Unstructured Ninja play.

2:30: Start pin the mask on the turtle.

3:00: Play ninja star game

3:30: Snack time

4:00: Serve cake, open presents

4:15: Decorate Ninja Turtles (kids put them in a bag to take home)

4:45: Group photo, kids play until time to go home.


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