Soap Powered Boats, and Hydro Dipping Paint

We decided to try out a couple of experiments for this video, the first, was to use “soap powered boats”, in which we simply cut out triangle shaped plastic pieces that we used as boats, then put soap on the end of them. When we put them in the pan of water, the soap would…

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Super Fun and Easy Kids Experiment – Walking Water

Today we tried the walking water experiment. We first saw this experiment on the WhizKidScience channel, which you should check out. To do this experiment, you’ll need: clear plastic cups paper towels food coloring water Here’s how to do it: On the odd cups (1, 3, 5 etc) put alternating food coloring and water. Fill…

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Balloon Rockets

This weekend we decided to do a quick and easy project that would hopefully yield hours of fun. We made Balloon Rockets! They were pretty cool! Instead of using string (which you would ordinarily use) we used ribbon, because that’s all the dollar store had — but as you’ll see in the video, it worked…

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